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kindergarten class in Laos66% of work around the world is performed by women, but they earn a meagre 10% of the total income and own only 1% of the world’s property. These are just some of the inequalities faced by women and girls and an example of why Intrepid wants to promote international gender equality.

How are we doing this? Last year Intrepid created Project SAMA – which means ‘equal’ in the Bahasa language. SAMA is our 3-year global gender initiative that aims to improve the lives of communities and help bridge the gender gap through education. SAMA is supporting projects around the world that contribute to Intrepid’s overall aim of tackling gender inequality.

In 2012 we focused on the importance of early childhood education in Laos, where up until 4 years ago preschools didn’t exist. In 2013 we’re also extending our focus to Uganda, where only 23% of children have access to early education programs, and where primary school drop-out and repetition rates are high.

Research has proven that children who participate in early education projects are:
– more likely to enrol in primary school
– less likely to repeat grades or to drop out of school
– begin school at the right age and complete the primary schooling cycle

Armed with the knowledge that early education programs give girls and boys the best start to life, Intrepid is hosting a number of fundraising events this year to raise much needed funds for Plan’s early education projects. One of these initiatives is a fundraising trip to climb mighty Mt Kilimanjaro. Why not rise to the challenge and join us for the Intrepid Kili Climb this August!

The benefits of educating girls also has a ripple effect throughout their communities. “A girl who receives adequate education is likely to have less children, and she will invest more of her resources into those children who will, in turn, grow up to be productive adults. This is the multiplier effect of investing in girls’ development.” (Plan State of the Worlds girls Report, 2012).

To find out more information about Intrepid’s support for projects that promote gender equality, please take a look at our SAMA website.

Photo: Bokeo Province early education project in Laos, © Plan

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