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wspa japanWhile we’ve been watching the horrific situation unfold in Japan, many of The Intrepid Foundation’s partners have immediately flung themselves into action to help those in the affected areas. Two of these organisations are Plan and WSPA and as these recent reports convey, your help in supporting the people and animals of Japan is desperately needed…

Plan has let us know that their immediate concern is the welfare of tens of thousands of vulnerable children who have been forced to flee their homes with their families, as nearly half a million people are currently living in temporary shelters. Many schools in the northern districts are serving as temporary shelters, including 5 pre-schools and more than 80 primary schools. Plan will initially focus on providing warm clothing, heating equipment, water and sanitation, food, health care, supporting community kitchens, and providing child-friendly spaces for children.

The first stage of the response is expected to last 3 months, followed by a 15-month recovery program focusing on ’emotional first-aid’ for children, community disaster risk-reduction and educational support, including transitioning children back to safe schools.

Director of Plan in Japan, Gabriel Kazuo Tsurumi said: “A country’s GDP and levels of poverty obviously affect its ability to recover long-term, but right now there are multiple disasters, the need is still enormous and there are gaps where specific help is needed and where Plan can supplement the State aid effort.” You can help the people of Japan by donating to Plan online.

Our friends at WSPA estimate that around 30,000 animals are in need of emergency shelter in affected areas. “Japan is a nation of pet lovers and many families affected have lost animals, been forced to leave them behind or have taken them to evacuation centres where there is limited space, food and water,” says James Sawyer, WSPA Head of Disaster Management.

WPSA is working with a coalition of local animal welfare organisations including the Japanese Animal Welfare Society, to urgently establish approximately 200 welfare-friendly animal shelters as close as possible to where pets were found or where their owners are sheltering. This will enable owners in the human shelters to visit and look after their pets, while also improving the chances for other owners to reunite with lost animals. You can help rescue thousands of animals by donating online to WSPA today!

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