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singapore fish reflexologyAfter an exhausting flight and the excitement of exploring your new surrounds, every traveller could do with a little pick-me-up. Intrepid Express reader Mike Uyyek went in search of a culinary adventure in Singapore, and ended up finding a wine that promised to make him feel like the man of steel…

“At the Imperial Herbal Restaurant, near the famed Raffles Hotel, they serve a variety of dishes you won’t find at any other establishment. The restaurant has its own Chinese apothecary and herbalist on the premises, and if you tell him what medical problems you have, he can suggest menu items that will treat them. We didn’t have anything specifically wrong with us, so we simply each ordered something we’d never tried before, and if it helped to balance our yang humours, so much the better.

Crocodile soup, scorpions on shrimp toast, frog legs, deer shin broth, all succumbed to our appetite for new flavours, washed down with a brew of green tea and ginseng. We finished up with a glass of the ‘Superman wine’, which tasted somewhere between floor varnish and kerosene (lit), made with wolfberries and the intact penis of an adult deer. I was disappointed that their famed dish ‘Ants Climbing a Hill’ (stir-fried black ants served atop crispy shoestring potatoes) was unavailable due to a shortage of ants, but on the whole, a very satisfying, if pricey, culinary adventure.”

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* photo by Angelica Tan – Intrepid Photography Competition

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