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vietnam weddingThe New Year festival of Tet takes place in Vietnam on February 14 this year and this is a joyous time to indulge in eating, drinking and social activities. It’s also when spring is in the air and the wedding season is in full swing, but ex-Intrepid leader John Kirk discovered that getting married might not be as simple as popping the question to your loved one…

“In the past, families enlisted the help of matchmakers to choose marriage partners. Great care was taken to ensure equality, similar background, compatibility in social rank etc. These days, even in the rural areas, couples have more freedom to choose their life partners. However, some Vietnamese are deeply superstitious and fortune-tellers are still consulted by many couples to see if their horoscopes are compatible.

It’s not unusual for couples to break up if their stars are not properly aligned. It’s also not uncommon for horoscopes to be ‘misread’ if the union is not considered suitable or to tactfully refuse an offer of marriage. Horoscopes are also especially important for the wedding and consultations are made to determine the right time and day for the ceremony. It’s not a good idea to start a marriage off on the wrong foot, even when the fortune-teller has foretold that two o’clock in the morning is the most favourable time to get married!”

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