soul sings in syria

syria kidsWhere in the world made your soul sing? We posed this question to Intrepid Express readers and Breanna Rivett knew instantly that for her, that place was Syria

“There is something wonderful about visiting a country you know very little to nothing about. You have no expectations, and therefore can only be amazed and fascinated by what is uncovered. I discovered this about Syria, which I visited in December-January 2008.

This was a country that was absolutely brimming with sights, smells, and breathtaking locations. Every sight offered something unique and interesting – from the grandeur of the world’s best-preserved Crusader castle (Crac de Chevalier), to the maze that is the souq in Alleppo, and finally to the dazzling beauty of Palmyra. Syria truly had it all. And that’s not even mentioning the food. I am now a proud hommus convert!

The most special experience I had in Syria was in the old city of Damascus, where I enjoyed the delights of a very traditional hamman, or Turkish bath. To bathe with the locals, and see the women revealed in a way seldom witnessed outside the walls of the hamman, was a touching experience which I will never forget. Well, that and being scrubbed down by a large Syrian woman while laying naked on the floor.

I truly love that country, and I wish people were more aware of what it has to offer. But perhaps that is part of its charm.”

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* photo by Sharon Mathews – Intrepid Photography Competition

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