slaughtering the amazon

amazon rainforest brazilThe last year has been another amazing one for Greenpeace and their Amazon campaign. We are delighted to learn that our last Intrepid Foundation donation has contributed towards some incredible progress. Charlie Adlum at Greenpeace reports…

“In July, after a huge concerted campaign push, sportswear giant Nike Inc announced it would stop using leather from cattle raised in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, saying the move is part of the company’s commitment to curbing the region’s deforestation.

In a statement , Nike said its Brazilian leather suppliers have until July 1, 2010, to “create an ongoing, traceable and transparent system to provide credible assurances that leather used for Nike products is from cattle raised outside of the Amazon biome. We understand how important rainforest are to the health of the planet and the implications deforestation has on climate change and global warming.”

We are so thrilled with this outcome – the company’s decision was prompted by a report we released in July called ‘Slaughtering the Amazon’ showing that leather and meat produced from cattle in the Amazon are major contributors to the region’s deforestation. Every eight seconds, an acre of Amazon rainforest is destroyed for Brazilian cattle ranching, which is the biggest single driver of deforestation in the world.

We released the report after a three-year investigation that tracked beef, leather and other cattle products from ranches involved in deforestation at the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The report also prompted Brazil’s three largest supermarket chains, Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Pao de Acuar, to announce that they would suspend contracts with suppliers found to be involved in Amazon deforestation.”

So a big thank-you to Intrepid Foundation supporters who helped contribute to the Intrepid Foundation and these important wins for the Amazon forest, and for the communities that rely upon them.”

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* photo by Sarah Howarth – Intrepid Photography Competition

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amazing and truly motivating!'

It’s really an amazing experience for the first time in my life to see such wonderful pics from other corners of the world that stating sth about the culture and society of t he the people.

concerning the environment , it’s really a good idea to pop now and again in Intrepid media .
i got many ideas i haven’t seen before .

Thanks in advance for the efforts .
Mbarek from the Morocco desert'

FANTASTIC WORK! It’s so important to hear stories about REAL outcomes that positively impact the environment.

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