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melaka snakeIntrepid makes no promises that you’ll fall in love on the Malay Peninsula, but somewhere between Singapore and Thailand Christopher Colvill discovered that anything was possible on this trip…

“I was working in Japan and decided to do an Intrepid trip before my return back home to New Zealand. I landed in Singapore a day early to get in a bit more sightseeing before my Malay Basix tour started. That night I had an unexpected intruder, who woke me up abruptly, said sorry, and made a loud and speedy retreat out of my room.

The next day, I met everyone on the tour and away we went sightseeing and drinking Singapore Slings. During the night out, I started talking to Stephanie, a girl from Manhattan, New York.  As conversations progressed, I later discovered that Stephanie was given the wrong room key by the hotel clerk and was shocked to find a person already sleeping inside. Maybe it was fate from the very beginning? Either way, it sure did give us a story about how we first met.

The bus journey along the Malay Peninsula gave us time to find out more about one another. We talked about our families, our previous experiences, our wants and dreams. Conversations flowed as we discovered that we had many of the same interests and values in life.  Even our tour leader, Kim, would pair us up on bus rides as it was obvious we were keen on each other.

By the end of the tour in Bangkok we were inseparable and sad to part, not knowing if this was just a holiday fling or if this was something more. Steph left for New York and said her good-byes, thinking that this may be the last time we would see each other. The next day the phone rang in my hotel. It was Stephanie calling to say she made it home OK and that she missed me.  I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  When I got home to New Zealand, we kept in contact via phone and email.  Our relationship kept growing and the decision was made for me to go over to the USA.

I went to visit Stephanie in New York to see if the feelings we had on the trip were the same. They were! Before I left to go back home, we decided that it was going to be easier for Stephanie to come over to New Zealand, as it was difficult for me to obtain a visa for the States.   This was a hard decision for her to make, but my visit reconfirmed the connection we have.  Stephanie gained a working holiday visa for New Zealand, and we are now living in Christchurch, New Zealand, travelling and planing our next Intrepid trip.

So that’s how Intrepid contributed and made my tour, a trip of a lifetime. I met the love of my life! Thank you Intrepid.”

But wait… all you romantics better get out the tissue box, because we’ve just got an update from Christopher..

“Stephanie and I just got engaged!  I proposed to her on her birthday which just passed on the 4th of February.  Steph didn’t want to celebrate her birthday because she was feeling down about getting another year older, but I insisted on taking her out for dinner.  After we had a lovely meal and came back home, I asked her if she wanted her ‘real’ birthday present.  She looked at me in confusion when I brought her the wrapped gift.

Steph tore the wrapping paper open to find a new set of cycling gloves.  She thanked me for the gloves, then I turned them over to reveal the engagement ring on the other side.  She was completely shocked when I took the ring off the glove and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.  She said “Yes!  Of course I’ll marry you.  I love you so much.”  Who would of thought that I would meet my future fiancee on an Intrepid trip?”

Congratulations Stephanie and Christopher from all of us at Intrepid Travel – we love a happy ending, and we look forward to the next exciting installment – maybe booking your first Intrepid Family Adventure together 🙂

* Melaka photo by Vitor Nato Munhoz – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Message to Lifesagambol. I am 70 years old. Where are you/? Perhaps we could make a travelling connection.'

I am so touched by this story. Congratulations to these lovely people. And even people in their 70s can fall in love. My father is 89 and met his girlfriend at his assisted living residence. They moved back into his home and are like lovebirds.
I am still seeking my soulmate at 68 and hopefully will meet him soon. By the way, I was the oldest member of my wonderful Intrepid adventure (Slowly down the Ganges), but I felt like a 35 year old the entire time. And I kept up with those wonderful people I traveled with!!

Great story,as a marriage celebrant, I never hear enough love story’s and after 14 years and marrying 560 couples to date, I have no doubt that fate plays a big part in couples meeting, and individuals finding their one true love.
Hooray for love.

Sheryl Mungall
Marriage Celebrant.'

Hi Chris and Steph!!!!!! ahhhhhh that is so sweet and is exactly how it happened! I remember!
I really believe in fate and you two were so destined to meet each other and fall in love!!! And for you both to keep in touch and visit each other even though you lived thousands of miles apart it was so meant to be! Perfect! Nothing could stop you two being together!
Congratulations on the engagement! Let me know when the wedding is and if im over that part of the world I will pass by!
Thanks for sending me the link and I will catch up with you both of facebook!
Take care and congratulations!!!!
Love Lisa xxxx'

Congrats Guys, I have a little happy tear in my eyes…

Congratulations Chis and Stephanie! As the Group Leader from your Intrepid trip I will be expecting an invite to the wedding 😉 Best wishes! If you are passing through Auckland pop into our Intrepid store and offices in Newmarket for a celebratory Singapore Sling'
Lifesagambol (M) / Reply

Maybe there’s, hope for me although at 71 I doubt it !

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