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cambodia groupIf you want to enjoy a really memorable birthday celebration, then the first thing you should try to do is find a great buddy like Intrepid’s Marina Mildenhall…

“My friend Ange and I set out for an adventure in Cambodia in late December. We were to start the Heart of Cambodia trip on New Year’s Eve and only four days later, in Siem Reap, it would be Ange’s birthday.

Having spent a wonderful day at Angkor Wat, I had arranged with our leader Marcus to help me execute my birthday plan. I wanted a decorated cake, a tiara (Ange had to wear it throughout dinner) and a Cambodian flag for all of us new Intrepid friends to sign as a memento.

So, while the other passengers and Ange set about for a nice leisurely late afternoon in Siem Reap, Marcus and I went to work. First stop was the cake shop. I couldn’t believe it, they had tiaras as well! Decorated cake and glamorous birthday girl sorted, next stop, the market to get a flag.

Final stop in our adventure was dropping the cake off at the restaurant. They were so helpful and were excited about having a birthday in their restaurant. So much so that, surpassing every expectation, after we’d finished our meal they turned out all the lights in the two storey restaurant, played happy birthday over the loud speakers and when Ange blew out the candles, streamers and glitter filled the air and scattered over our table. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday!”

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