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afghanistan mazar e sharifWho better to recommend travel books than real Intrepid travellers. Darren White reflects on a great read that was an inspiration…

“My pick for a travel book is Road to Oxiana, by Robert Byron. I read this book many years ago but it left me with a yearning for a road less travelled. The description from a popular web site says it all:

“This travel book was written in 1933-4 when the author travelled to Persia and Afghanistan. It is a record of his journeys, full of observation of people and places, and funny dialogue. The author, Robert Byron, drowned in 1941 when his ship to West Africa was torpedoed. In his short life he travelled as far as China and Tibet. In 1932, attracted by the photo of a Seljuk tomb-tower on the Turkoman steppe, he set out on a quest for the origins of Islamic architecture through Persia and Afghanistan. This book is the result, a record of his journeys.”

I remember the way he described driving over a hill to a view of an old desert town. This is what lingers in my memory and I’m going to have to read it again.”

If a book has inspired you to travel or simply makes for great reading while on the road, please email – let us know a little of what it’s about plus an indication of the size, as we would love to hear your recommendation for a great backpack book!

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