rewarded in rwanda

silverback gorilla rwandaWhoever said “no pain, no gain” could have been talking about trying to spot the elusive mountain gorillas of Rwanda. There was no way that Roberta Leung was going to let the rugged conditions get the better of her, and thankfully she was rewarded ten times over for her efforts…

“I had been climbing the steep slopes of the Rwandan jungle for over 3 hours in damp, slippery and muddy conditions when word came that my group was only another 30 minutes away from the gorilla family. It was the hardest trek I had undertaken in my life, yet none of that mattered when I caught my first sighting of these majestic creatures.

Even though our guide had instructed us to avoid staring at them, I couldn’t help myself. In fact, I started to cry as I watched a particular silverback gorilla who approached us and then stood just one metre ahead of me. I was overwhelmed and awestruck by his magnificence. The look on his face is permanently etched in my memory and this face-to-face experience remains my most amazing animal moment!”

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* photo by Joyee Chau – Intrepid Photography Competition

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