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If you are in search of an adventure of Ben Hur proportions, then Intrepid’s Across the Sahara, from Cairo to Casablanca, is one of the great epic journeys. There are so many highlights en route, but as Intrepid Express reader Tori Salman discovered, Tunisia sets the scene for an out-of-this-world adventure…

“A trip to ancient land of Tunisia seemed like something that I just had to experience. During my time in this fascinating country I enjoyed a camel safari in the Sahara Desert, wandered around tiny oases, and spent a day lazing along the Mediterranean coastline near Tunis, but it was the unexpected sightings of some film locations that caught me by surprise.

I guess I’d never really thought about it before, but Tunisia has been the location for quite a number of films. Star Wars, The English Patient, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Monty Python’s The Life of Brian, just to name a few. I thought that the vast expanses of desert would be the closest likeness I would see to any film location, so I was amazed when we visited the town of Matmata.

A quick walk around the town, and we were informed that it is famous for being the site of Luke Skywalker’s house in Star Wars. The Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata is spread out over five pit courtyards and was used as the interior location for Luke’s home, and to my surprise, parts of the set are still in place from the original Star Wars movie!

Further on in our trip we passed the vast, dry salt flat called Chott el Jerid, which was also used as a Star Wars location. Not so much to see here, but I left hoping to come back, and next time I’ll make sure that I have watched all the movies beforehand, just to pick out those extra locations that I didn’t quite recognise this time round!”

Tour Tunisia with Intrepid on a trip like this great small group adventure:
Across the Sahara – Cairo to Casablanca – 39 days

* photo by Winnie Yau – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Why doesn’t Intrepid look to run a 5 to 7 day trip through Tunisia – the 39 day trip across the whole od North Africa is a little difficult for those on 4 weeks annual leave! I am sure it would be a success and I would be the first to sign up


I especially liked all the Roman & Greek antiquities, especially the El Jem colliseum, which is bigger than the Rome one! There are many artists in Tunisia and visited some interesting galleries in Tunisia. The people are more akin to the West and are very friendly & helpful.


I especially liked the El Jem Colloseum in Tunisia (bigger than the Rome one!) + all the acient Roman & Greek monuments, there is an awful lot to see in Tunisia, and people are very friendly and helpful.

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