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Nepal FriendsTravelling in Nepal is full of those pinch-yourself moments, like gazing out over a stunning horizon pierced by mountain peaks or sitting in a bustling village square and watching daily life transpire. Express reader Trish Burt was instantly captivated by the wonder of Nepal when she travelled recently with Intrepid…

“Nepal is a breath of fresh air. From my arrival I felt completely transformed by that most foreign and enchanting country. It was a repeat visit, and I asked myself why I waited so long to return.

The medieval town of Bhaktapur was my first stop. The contrast to my home town of Sydney, left only the day before, was overwhelming. I’d not only jetted to another country, but to a long-ago period in time.

At 4am the next morning a thousand bells jarred me out of my sleep as the locals of Bhaktapur kick-started their day – Mike Oldfield gone insane! We travelled up and out of the Kathmandu Valley and then down to the Trisuli River for white water rafting. Why raft in Nepal? The rapids are fantastic, the scenery is wonderful, and the riverbanks are filled with village scenes and playful children.

Over-nighting in the enchanting hilltop village of Bandipur, the sunset gave only a hint of the silent dawn to follow. And the dawn was heart-stopping. Mighty Himalayan peaks made their appearance in the faintest of lights. As the sun rose, the mountains revealed themselves further in every shade of blue until finally, hit by the sun’s rays, the snow-capped peaks burst into shades of pink and gold.

I have rafted, rambled, relaxed and reflected. I’ve challenged myself physically and laughed a lot. Also, I’ve travelled with a great group of newfound friends and met fantastic, gentle Nepalis who have cared for me wonderfully. Thanks Nepal!”

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