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sydney harbourUrban Adventures unlock the hidden secrets in and around some of our favourite cities, even the very one you live in! Right now you can be part of the Urban Adventures journey by registering to be a tester. You’ll be the first to hear about new trips and special deals, plus just like Rebecca, you could try our day trips for FREE…

Urban Adventure: Rocks, Bridge and Bay Bike, Sydney
Tester: Rebecca
Background: Local Sydney-sider, keen to discover more about her home town.
Summary: “On Saturday 21st November I did the Sydney Explorer Ride as a Tester. I had an awesome time and was blown away with how beautiful my home city is. Our guide was friendly, charismatic and had really interesting stories to tell. I’m not a fan of long history talks, but I didn’t once get bored with his funny, sad, quirky and shocking tales of the history of Sydney.”

“We had a small group which I really appreciated and enjoyed. It was an experience I’ll never forget…riding through the streets and paths, with the cool sea breeze on a hot summer Sydney day…looking at the sights of the Opera house, The Harbour Bridge, Kirrabilli House, Luna Park and so much more…listening to stories and sharing a laugh. A truly great experience for those who call Sydney home and tourists alike! Thank you Urban Adventures for this experience…I look forward to the next one!”

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