Opening doors in Budapest

Castle and surrounds of Budapest Hungary

Among the thousands of things to see on holiday in Budapest, I found one that is probably not so obvious, even though you walk through them every day.

I’m talking about doors! The capital of Hungary is an open gallery, a perfect example of well preserved and finely restored buildings from different centuries and styles dating back over a thousand years.

Budapest survived during several inventions and was badly damaged twice – during the Turkish occupation and in WWII. If you keep all this in mind while walking by narrow streets and broad thoroughfares, the appreciation of its solid marvelous buildings will be doubled.

A sharp eye and a little bit of energy to wander around is all you need to discover all the interesting details: art deco embellishments, Eastern-style ornaments and sculptures depicting animals and birds. But make sure you still watch where you’re walking. It’s a challenge to trace your path and to look high at the building. To observe the facades and not to fall down 😉

Architecture of Budapest Hungary

Beautiful architecture of Budapest – by Robyn Day

Among all the other decoration elements, you’ll soon see the remarkable doors. There is a splendid variety of doors: huge and small, broad and narrow, wooden carvings and blacksmiths masterpieces. Some of them will tell you the story of the building: when it was constructed, who lived there and if anything eventful happened at the address!

Probably the most memorable impression will be when you approach Parliament building. It’s the real pearl of Budapest architecture with its huge ornate wooden doors that are opened to welcome officials and guests.

Maybe the city deserves a new Budapest sightseeing tour dedicated to its doors? Okay, so I could be getting a bit carried away with my love of doors, but for anyone who appreciates great architecture, Budapest has one of the world’s finest collections of art works. The whole city really is a gallery that’s open 24 hours, just as splendid during the day or when it’s beautifully illuminated at night!”

Banner photo of Budapest by Helen Kovacs.

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