One dumpling too many in China

Shanghai dumplings China

Whether boiled, steamed or shallowed fried, you can expect to eat jiaozi year-round in China, but come New Year you’ll discover that these delicious dumplings are a big part of the celebrations.

It’s believed that eating jiaozi can bring wealth and prosperity, but sadly for Lucy Hordern, gorging on one of her favourite Chinese foods didn’t seem to bring her good luck…

“Yes, I indulged in a local festival in China. The annual jiaozi eating competition. It was great fun, but I lost miserably.

Jiaozi are those yummy little dumplings with pork and greens inside. Before the festival, they were my favourite snack for breakfast in China. However, stuffing as many as possible into your mouth takes the yumminess out of them to say the least!

The winner ate over 300 jiaozi in about half an hour, amid a roar of encouragement from his proud-as-soy-sauce family. As you can imagine, all contestants ended up covered in dribble and food scraps – a very messy Chinese New Year banquet that I will never forget!”

Photo: Shanghai dumplings by Kin Hang Norman Chan.

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