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water seller in moroccoWhat is it they say about a silver lining? When Sherrie Fahmi’s travel plans suddenly changed, she ended up on an exciting adventure to who knows where…

“When I travel I enjoy discovering the unknown – whether it be a painting to rival the Mona Lisa, a sculpture, fantastic people, incredible architecture, unusual shopping experiences or delicious food. Below are examples of amazing adventures that I have been blessed to have experienced…so far!

After coming to the end of a working holiday in London, my partner and I discovered we couldn’t get a flight back to Australia for 3 weeks. We decided to go backpacking, which ironically would be cheaper than staying in our London apartment and paying rent. First stop Dublin, which was amazing! We went to the Guinness Factory, took a day trip through the countryside, went hiking, biking and partying. Awesome!

Next stop Barcelona, where we explored the works of Gaudi and marvelled at the jaw-dropping sight of San Grata Familia. We saw the site of the Olympics and bought a painting from a local street artist. I want to go back! We didn’t really plan what we’d do next and when it came time to find a flight to Morocco we discovered everything out of Barcelona was booked due to the Summer holidays – doh! The only transport we could find was a bus which would travel onto a ship, then to another bus. We were told it would take about 13 hours and we’d get there around 3pm. That unlucky number was a sign. It was in fact a 33 hour trip with locals changing baby nappies in the aisles! Stinky!

Our second bus was pulling a trailer and when I heard a bang, I turned in my seat to see balls of tyre rubber flying down the road! The driver spoke French and my partner and I animatedly ‘discussed’ who should try to inform him. I spoke broken Arabic which I kept telling him wasn’t the same as French. In the end, he went to the driver and in the funniest charades I have ever seen, proceeded to show him what happened by making circle motions with his hands, then a ‘ka-boom’ gesture and indicated he should pull over. Of course no one knew how to replace the tyre, so my partner showed them how to chock the wheel so it wouldn’t roll onto the unsuspecting travellers. All this occurred in searing 45+ degree heat and I have photos which we reminisce fondly over now.

When we eventually arrived in Morocco at 3am we were greeted by tumbleweeds and a pleasantly robust (possibly drunk) middle-aged man who said he would help us find accommodation. We forgot to ask for air conditioning – a mistake I would never make again! All this and the adventure had only just begun…!”

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* photo by Judy Southwood – Intrepid Photography Competition

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We loved Morocco, but arrived at the start of Ramadan and food was scarce. Otherwise, we had a terrific time.

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