much more than slowly down the ganges!

Ganges sunrise by David WilliamsIndia has a habit of sneaking up on you and letting you share in extraordinary real life experiences, as Jacqui and Clive Baldry discovered firsthand…

“When we booked our Intrepid trip we knew it would be good, but we never expected such a wonderful journey as that we took Slowly Down the Ganges in February this year!

The boat trip, the camping on the banks, the wonderful food and the delightful cooks and boat boys made it a memorable voyage. Watching the rare river dolphin and birds as we drifted along, and then our arrival at Varanasi was like something out of a film. But that was not the whole story.

We had not anticipated what excitement (and the fear and the bruises) the camel ride into the desert would be! Or that one night we would sit watching the sun go down from the roof top of a palace, sipping our gin and tonics (well, the Ozzies had beer and the Brits the G&T’s as you would expect!) or learning to cook in Pushkar, or what fun the overnight trains would be, and we would meet such friendly local people. Then there was The Amber Palace, the Taj Mahal and of course Delhi itself, and so much more. So many memories, and so well organised that every minute was a delight.

We are well into our 60’s, but this whole trip was one of the best travelling experiences ever. Thank you.”

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