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baby organutan borneoAt any given opportunity our Intrepid team are off exploring all corners of the world, but you’ll also find we each have our favourites that we love returning to time and time again. So we asked Intrepid’s Jo Edgely to tell us about her special place…

“My favourite place in the world is undoubtedly Malaysian Borneo… I first went there as an Intrepid group leader back in 1999, and leading there for over three years, there was a point when I never thought I would leave. Now based in Melbourne, I make the journey every year to visit, because travelling in Borneo leaves you with a feeling that there is more to life, and that’s something I always want to remember.

Borneo pulls at your heart strings like no other place I have ever been, it is home to so many of the worlds endangered species including the orangutans, proboscis monkeys, Asian elephant, sun bears and the clouded leopard, just to name a few. Its forests, whilst under threat in some areas, are some of the tallest and lushest in the world. The indigenous tribes of Borneo are also very unique, from the Dusan in Sabah, to the Iban in Sarawak and the real wild men of Borneo, the nomadic Penan roaming all over – there are plenty of opportunities to spend time with these remarkable people and learn a thing or two about there daily lives.

Borneo is a part of Asia that is struggling with maintaining its strong cultural values, whilst dealing with global development. Whilst its cities and people are changing and becoming part of the global community, its forests and animals still need protecting for future generations – by visiting Borneo we can all help to protect this precious place!”

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* photo by David Lazaar – Intrepid Photography Competition

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