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kings canyonThere’s so much happening on Intrepid’s Central Explorer trip that we recorded it on video. Our stunning Intrepid Central Australia video tells it like it is and we hear from the now Intrepid traveller, Clive Berry, to find out about his Australian 4WD holiday in front of the camera…

“DJ had been searching the internet for ideas for a trip when she stumbled across an advert for a holiday to anyone who was available at short notice to travel to the Red Centre of Australia. So after posting an email, along with photos and a short profile of ourselves, a prompt reply came back from Intrepid explaining what would be involved. They wanted someone to take part in creating a DVD that would go out with their brochures. “It wouldn’t cost a penny – flights, insurance, transfers and all food would be provided, you just have to be available in 2 weeks time. All we want you to do is say a few words to camera about your experience and we will take photos of you doing some the activities.”

Yeah right! Now I have always held the opinion that you don’t get anything for nothing in this world. Sceptical as ever I suggested to DJ that it was probably some timeshare scam and we would be lucky to get home with both our kidneys in tact. A short time later Sally from Intrepid called and explained that it was all legitimate and no organs were to be donated!

So that was it, we were on our way! Our first day began in Alice Springs with a group get-together and an outline of our itinerary. Before long we were head-first into our own real outback experience venturing off to Stuarts Well. Each day ended at a different bush camp with the collection of firewood. Dinner was then cooked on the fire, followed with a relaxing wine or beer and plenty of yarning by the campfire. We were to spend the next four nights sleeping on the bare earth in our Swag-bags. These canvas bags containing a thin mattress into which you inserted your sleeping bag were far more comfortable than you could ever imagine. Well fed and watered we were lulled to sleep beneath an amazing display of stars and by the warm glow of the campfire.

Breakfast around the campfire, the morning sunlight creating a beautiful back drop on this unique scenery, made for a great start to the day giving us that ‘it’s great to be alive’ feeling. The vibrancy of colour here was something you just cannot imagine until you’ve witnessed it first hand. Watching the sunset over Uluru beggars belief as the monolith fades from light orange to a deep-rich red.

We were very privileged to visit a Aboriginal community where we learnt about their lifestyle and beliefs, something that isn’t readily accessible to everyone. Wildlife included camels, dingoes, kangaroos, rock wallabies, Wedge-tailed eagles and hunting for widgety grubs in the roots of trees. We didn’t actually eat any grubs as that wasn’t in our contract, (you know how affected these minor celebrities can be). In the beginning we were very conscious of the camera, we had agreed to give each other space when the time came to do ‘a piece’ to camera, but soon we all began to relax and enjoyed our ’15 minutes of fame’, laughing and joking at our mistakes.

Along with visits to Kata Juta, Kings Creek Station, Kings Canyon, Ormiston Gorge, the whole trip was, and I quote, “An all consuming, emotional and exciting real outback experience with a bunch of fellow travellers that soon became great friends”, including the camera! Thanks Intrepid for a Australia holiday to remember.”

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