Let Flea be your Everest guide

Flea A Himilayan AdventureFlea is the world’s smallest Intrepid traveller on the world’s tallest Mountain, in a new e-book called Flea, A Himalayan Adventure, by former Intrepid Group Leader, Bruce Foreman. Most of us love travel. Not Flea – an insect who gets booted off his frustrated and itchy host, Bazza the dog, and transported inside an envelope to Durbar Square, Kathmandu.

Homesick, culture-shocked and intent on getting back to Bazza, Flea ends up instead on the top of Everest, where his thwarted plans make for a wonderful guide to the Sherpa homelands in the Everest region.

Flea travels by yak, takes sanctuary inside a prayer wheel, and finds warmth inside the fleece of a Sherpa speed-climber on Everest, and screams blue murder as he dangles from the wing of a sky-burial vulture soaring high over the Himalaya!

Along the way he escapes death at the hands of warring Maoist fleas, navigates the toxic terrain of a preserved yeti head, wriggles out of the romantic clutches of a new age yak flea called Moonbeam, and on top of all this inadvertently solves the mystery of whether George Mallory really got to the top of Mt Everest first in 1924.

Flea, A Himalayan Adventure, is a fun read, providing insights into Sherpa culture and mountaineering folklore, and makes a great companion guide for the trek to base camp.

It’s no wonder Bruce was inspired to write Flea after first trekking to Everest in 2003. From Sydney, and now based in Hong Kong, Bruce worked as an Intrepid Group Leader in China, Tibet and Nepal and still travels all over Asia as a photographer, writer and freelance journalist for publications such as CNNGO and the Asia Wall Street Journal.

Available through Amazon as an e-book only, Flea, A Himalayan Adventure downloads to all electronic readers including kindles iPads, iPhones and android devices. Download it today and post comments on Flea’s very own Facebook page – The World according to Flea. And stay tuned for the next Adventures of Flea, set on the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain!

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