Kenya in the pink

kenya hippo and flamingos in a river

Surrounded by Africa’s most incredible wildlife and completely caught up in the wonderful moment, Intrepid’s Zoe Rees felt like she was seeing the world through rose coloured glasses in Kenya

“Pink? Not my favourite colour, but I have to admit that there are occasions on which I’ve enjoyed the colour immensely – brilliant sunrises and sunsets, the rosy hue of Uluru and stepping out of our safari vehicle at Lake Nakuru in Kenya.

Before me was literally a sea of pink flamingos that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was amazing to witness these unique birds frolicking, feeding and splashing around in the soda lake. Apparently it is Lake Nakuru’s abundance of algae that attracts the millions of flamingos, though I was even more amazed to find out I was there at a slow time and usually the flock is double the size!

Every now and then a couple would take flight, circling around above us before coming back to land with a dramatic splash. Our group was waiting, cameras poised, to get the perfect shot of this overwhelming spectacle.

The shallow lake is also a great place for viewing many other birds and is a favourite amongst keen birdwatchers. In my group were a couple of avid birders who had a list to check off on our trip. Fortunately for those of us with an untrained eye, our lovely guide helped us identify the birds we could spot. It was incredible to appreciate the beauty of the Steppe eagle we saw perched high up in a tree, the agility of the different stork and ibis species and the character displayed by a kingfisher as we patiently watched his pursuit of a giant fish.

Where there are birds you know there will also be bigger beasts lurking. Around the edge of Lake Nakuru graze waterbuck, impala and zebra. Further into the National Park is the opportunity to spot white or the highly endangered black rhino, the Rothschild giraffe and even the elusive leopard. It’s an amazing park and its famous pink flamingos are certainly extraordinary!”

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* photo by Helen Thorogood – Intrepid Photography Competition

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I was at Lake Nakur with Intrepid in July of this year and I agree it is amazing – certainly worth the visit…The Flamingoes are so beautiful and a sight to be seen!

My previous visit to Africa let me see 4 of the big 5 – I was missing the Rhino but was very excited to see both the Black and the White Rhino in Lake Nakuro!

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