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sunset sailing zanzibarWarm and inviting, the wonderful islands of Zanzibar are floating in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Tanzania. With a colourful history and incredible underwater world, Sally MacFarlane discovered that adding a Short Break in this sensational archipelago was a perfect way to spice up her African adventures…

“One of my sweetest travelling moments ever was jumping off a wooden boat into the crystal clear waters off the coast off Zanzibar. Not only did it feel fantastic after a hot and dusty (but awesome) 6-week overland safari with Intrepid through southern and eastern Africa, but it felt like taking a peek into an incredibly special world.

As we took in the startling colours of the coral-filled Pange Reef, we were surrounded by Angel and Clown fish and my favourite, the colourful Parrot fish, who playfully came up to inspect us through our snorkelling masks. The water was sparkling and warm and its bright aqua hue was so gorgeous after the browns and yellows of the game parks. Enjoying the seafood and exotic fruit lunch once back on the boat, it was like having some sort of fantastic sensory overload!

Experiencing Africa in general was like a travelling re-birth for me. All of my senses were truly alive for what felt like the first time in years. My adventures in Zanzibar reminded me to always seek out extraordinary travel experiences from here on in, because even if you’ve only got a few spare days it will definitely be worth the effort!”

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* photo by Davina Lindsay – Intrepid Photography Competition

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