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Intrepid is a very proud supporter of the documentary film, I Am A Girl, and are now delighted to say ‘she’ is off to school! A suite of high-school education materials have been launched to coincide with International Women’s Day, 2014, to help address discrimination against women and girls.

Developed by the Documentary Australia Foundation, the materials are based on the ‘I Am A Girl’ documentary, an in-depth look at the reality of what it means to be a girl in the 21st century. Following the lives of six young women, the often confronting documentary addresses issues of family violence, disease, poverty and disadvantage in girls locally and abroad.

Why is this important? Despite representing almost a quarter of the world’s population, girls are subjected to enormous discrimination, the impact of which is felt throughout their lives. This discrimination includes unequal access to education and health services, early and forced marriage, unequal participation in employment and leadership positions and high levels of violence. It’s for these reasons, that Intrepid started Project SAMA, its own initiative to help address gender inequality, and also backed the making of I Am A Girl.

“Secondary school is a time when students form attitudes and behaviours that can last a lifetime”, said filmmaker Rebecca Barry. “The educational materials aim to raise the profile of gender inequality and inspire attitudinal and behavioral change from a young age. While some of the documentary’s concepts are confronting, it’s important that students, both male and female, are exposed to the cold-hard facts and given the tools to challenge them.”

The I Am A Girl education materials includes study guides to complement high school curriculum subjects, including Society and Culture, Family and Community and English and Media. The pack also features profiles of the girls as well as evaluation resources and teacher support materials.

The study guides are available as PDF Downloads.

I Am A Girl is available on demand (iTunes, Vimeo and others)

Why did Intrepid support this wonderful film? Check out an interview with Intrepid’s Co-Founder, Darrell Wade I Am A Girl: changing how we think

Florida, USA readers:

I Am A Girl will be screening at the fabulous upcoming Sarasota Film Festival – an international festival show-casing the best in cinema, the art of filmmaking and the contributions of filmmakers. There are two screenings of I Am A Girl:
Sat April 6th @ 3:15pm
Fri April 11th @ 1pm

For more information and to book tickets.

Photo: Breani, one of six girls featured in I Am A Girl

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