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spunky girl monologues pamela macnaughtonWho better to ask for tips on how to get ready for your next trip than Adventure Girl extraordinaire, Pamela MacNaughtan? Editor of SpunkyGirl Monologues and A.K.A. @spunkygirllogue, Pamela is always planning her next big trip. In fact, Intrepid is sponsoring her team in the Mongol Rally and that’s one incredible journey that you don’t want to risk by just winging it. So the question remains, what does Pamela suggest you tick off the list before you go?…

“You did it. You finally booked the adventure you have been dreaming about for months, possibly years. It’s exciting. It’s orgasmic. It’s OMG-what-do-I-do-now?!

Ah, the sweet moments of panic. Yes, after you’ve booked, moments of panic are normal. Embrace them. Enjoy them. It’s the first rush of adrenaline you’ll feel and that is an exciting thing. Trust me!

So, you’ve booked your trip, you’ve had your panic and adrenaline rushes. Now what? How do you prepare for your adventure? Well, don’t fret. I’m here to help you.

1. OMG You just booked an effing adventure!!! Keep your excitement fresh. Cut out photos and put them on your bedroom wall or mirror. Change the image on your desktop to a photo of where you’re going. Keep your adventure fresh and present in your mind. This will come in handy on those depressing days, when you think your adventure is way too far away.

2. Do you need travel vaccines? Some countries require specific vaccines. Visit your doctor or local travel clinic to find out which vaccines are required and suggested for your adventure. If you need to have a Yellow Fever shot, shop around. Some places charge $20+ more than others.

3. Tourist Visas, do you need them? Take some time to look at the foreign affairs website for your country to find out which countries require a tourist visa. Once you know who requires a visa, don’t be afraid to call embassies and ask questions. Especially if you don’t have much time. When you call, ask if you need a visa before entering, or if you can get it from the airport. The embassy will have the most current information.

4. Safety First! Ladies, you should always be prepared. Make sure you have a first-aid kit that includes a small sewing kit, whistle, anti-nausea pills, lube and condoms. Yes, you read those last two items correctly! Lube comes in very handy when trying on jewelry and you can’t get it off. Condoms… Well, that should be self explanatory. You may not have intentions when you leave home, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen when you’re on your adventure trip.

5. Travel Insurance is necessary for all adventure travel. Shop around. Make sure the company covers the type of adventure you’re going on, before you buy it!

6. Think of how you want to record your adventure. You’ve booked an amazing trip. You NEED to record it, whether you use a camera, record daily diary videos or draw sketches, think of ways you want to capture your adventure, and bring extra batteries!”

How do you prepare for your adventures? Got any great tips that all Adventure Girls should know?

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Great tips! This article is very helpful for the first timer traveler . And I think it would be a big help if you are going to ask a veteran traveler about other things aside from preparing for your travel.

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