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animal care in egyptLike millions around the world, we have watched the recent events in Egypt unfold, with much concern for our local friends. Sadly, the Animal Care in Egypt (ACE) centre in Luxor, supported by our staff and travellers via The Intrepid Foundation, has not been immune from the unrest.

Co-Founder of ACE, Kim Taylor writes: “So far we have had no animals actually injured directly by the problems. But the cost of feed and medicine has already doubled and we have no idea how bad this will get. The poorest people will struggle to feed their working animals and may push them harder to make ends meet, which will make the ACE hospital even busier. The real problem that the hospital will face now is funding, as we will have no tourists visiting and leaving donations for awhile, plus inflation due to the civil problems will hit everyone.”

At the end of the first week of February, ACE management took the difficult decision to temporarily close the centre. A skeleton staff is maintaining a service for critical cases and animals caught up in the current situation, however their British volunteers have been evacuated.

ACE believes that animals and humans are inextricably linked – in Egypt the survival of one often depends on the survival of the other. It is vital for the welfare of both to protect animals in times of crisis. People affected by poverty are most vulnerable to disasters such as that affecting Egypt at the moment, they often lack the skills, knowledge and resources to rescue or protect their animals. The staff at the ACE centre have the expertise and local knowledge to get help to these animals.

The ACE clinic is already stretched dealing with over 100 new cases per day. In the days and weeks ahead, the service that ACE provides will be more important than ever for the hard working animals and the people of Egypt. ACE’s team will continue to provide emergency care for as long as the situation allows and prepare to care for additional animals in the aftermath of these challenges.

For this reason we are appealing to all the friends of ACE to dig deep and help. Additional funds are needed for drugs, dressings and feed, to name but a few of the essentials.

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