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castle in CorsicaThe freedom to travel is something we Intrepid travellers cherish. But for many, the freedom to read this article, to speak or act without restraint, is denied. That’s where buying a raffle ticket can help!

For over 50 years, Amnesty International has protected individuals around the world wherever freedom, truth and justice are denied.  They shine a light into dark corners, exposing human rights abuses and campaign for human rights to be upheld. In the last year, Amnesty’s work has brought freedom to hundreds of vulnerable people and helped to at last achieve an international Arms Trade Treaty.

This year Amnesty International’s Freedom Raffle in Australia has amazing prizes. You could win an exotic holiday to one of three fabulous destinations: Cape Tribulation, Corsica or Fraser Island, or take home a stylish Citroën C4 SUV!

You can buy individual tickets, sell 20 raffle tickets for automatic entry into the exclusive ticket seller’s draw for a chance of winning an Intrepid trip in Corsica, or you can buy a book of 20 consecutive tickets in your name and if one of your tickets wins you’ll win an Intrepid trip to Fraser Island.

Take action for human rights now! Buy your raffle tickets today.

(Please note that you need to be residing in Australia to accept/receive the prizes.)

Photo:  Castle in Corsica, France  – a sight you may see on Intrepid’s 8 day Mountains and Villages of Corsica.

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