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intrepid triathlon teamAt Intrepid, we’re always on the lookout for inspiring adventures and travel stories. And right now, what’s really got us thinking is “what inspires us to travel?” So we asked our staff a few questions on what, or who, is the motivation behind their most memorable escapes.

It turns out our team has a lot in common when it comes to certain things, like art and history – the majority of people quizzed would pick London, New York, Paris and Berlin as their top picks for galleries, and as for iconic people, there was definitely a trend for Mandela, Shackleton and Che Guevara-inspired adventures.

When it came to music, literature and movies, our staff were much more diverse in their choice of travel influences; On the Origin of Species has led someone all the way to the Galapagos, Dracula enticed one brave soul to Transylvania, and A Room With a View accompanied another throughout a tour of Italy. Bob Marley enticed us to Jamaica, Sigur Ros led some to the frosty fringe of Iceland, and all-the-jazz-that-ever-was tempted us to take on New Orleans.

So now we want to hand the mic over, and give you the chance to tell us: what inspires YOU to travel? We want to know if Lost in Translation sent you on an unstoppable mission to get to Japan, or if Slumdog Millionaire was secretly the reason behind your big trip through India. We want to know if you follow your favourite band from Coachella to Glastonbury, or if you can’t stay away from the Tour de France or the Wimbledon final.

All you need to do is fill out our short (& confidential) questionnaire. Then watch this space and later this month we’ll share the results of what really gets Intrepid travellers on the move!

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Sue Elliot - Like many of us, Sue contracted a serious travel bug at an early age. She's visited over 90 countries in search of a cure, but her wanderlust just seems to get worse. Thankfully at Intrepid Travel she's amongst people who understand the affliction and since 1998 Sue has enjoyed being our blog and newsletter editor. Here you'll find helpful travel advice and inspiring tales from Sue and other Intrepid travellers.

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