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eric kruszewski photo of ganges india“There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second.” Based on this astute observation by Logan Pearsall Smith, you’d have to consider Eric Kruszewski a very wise man. Albeit a newcomer on the photography scene, Eric set his sights on winning the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year competition and then focused on enjoying every moment of his triumph…

“December 2010, my cereal bowl crashed to the floor as I read the announcement from TPOTY naming me their New Talent Award recipient. This recognition granted the winner an Intrepid Delhi to Kathmandu trip!

I was incredibly eager to embark on the new adventure. Over the next several months, I worked with Intrepid’s worldwide staff from my home in rural America to plan the trip. Dozens of my questions were promptly addressed (festivals, visa requirements, flight arrangements, logistics, etc.). Additionally, customized suggestions were provided to enhance the immersion experience.

These incredibly rich cultures presented an opportunity to further develop my photographic vision as an emerging artist and storyteller. Each itinerary location allowed focused attention and lenses on the inherent aspects of the locals’ lives and culture. With ample free time, I wandered curiously through the streets on my own and engaged friendly citizens. The attentive and knowledgeable guide suggested uncommon and distinct places for getting unique photographs. The small group size of 12 was ideal and invaluable for exchanging ideas and evaluation between other photo enthusiasts.

This experience allowed me to witness the region’s traditions, homes, schooling, crafts, work, music, dance, wildlife, and landscape. The highlights of the trip are abundant and impossible to enumerate. Thank you Intrepid Travel for this trip of a lifetime and for sharing my photographic work with your followers. May my portfolio imagery entice others to become immersed in extraordinary cultures!”

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* photo by Eric Kruszewski

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