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2013 marks the 70th anniversary of the Venice Film Festival, when from August 28 to September 7 the city will once again shine the spotlight on international cinema.

The famous festival is a wonderful celebration of art, film, entertainment and the spirit of freedom, and Gail Cairns loved seeing it play out in real life…

“It was my dream to travel to Italy and I had so many places to visit on my wish list, but the place I dreamed of the most was Venice.

I finally found myself living the dream and had the opportunity to visit many beautiful areas of this fantastic country. When I arrived in Italy, I discovered that my trip coincided with the Venice Film Festival, so that was definitely an added bonus.

Even though the city was teeming with people, and I am not a great fan of crowds, it just added to my excitement. The colours of the buildings, the long promenade around the beautiful square and the delectable smells wafting from cafes as I walked by – magical. Coming from a nation that in comparison is so young, the chance to visit a country with history going so far back was unbelieveable.

The impressive architecture, the labyrinth of dark streets in which to lose yourself, the romance of the canals. Venice lived up to everything I had ever imagined I would see.

The film festival events made Venice all the more intriguing. The chance of seeing any famous people added to our daily excitement and like everyone else we star-watched and joined in the throngs of devoted fans.

I would go back to Venice in a heart beat and if you get the chance to visit during the film festival, you should jump at the opportunity – it’s such a thrill to celebrate the creative world of cinema in an historic city that’s a haven for the artistic!”

Photo: Venice by Dominic Burdon

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Escape Hunter Travel Writer / Reply

Venice and Capri are both film festival hosts. These are great places, but prices on hotels skyrocket if you want to visit them during the film festival periods…
Venice was my first destination to Italy and it still has my heart 🙂
Although: mass tourism is wildly exploiting it and it’s already becoming a wild capitalism nest: there are McDonald’s and KFC restaurants and huge cruiseships cross through very close to the old quarters… I don’t know where this will lead.

I totally agree with you, I went to Venice less than a month ago along with 3 other Italian towns but Venice stole my heart. Such a beautiful and magical place. I love your description of it – you are spot on. Haven’t yet been to the film festival but maybe I will use that one day as another excuse to pay Venice a visit.

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