Family fun in Egypt

egypt donkey rideIt’s no coincidence that we commenced Intrepid Family adventures around the same time that our co-founders, Darrell Wade and Geoff Manchester, started travelling with their kids. Always eager to do what they love doing most – travelling – Geoff jumped at the chance to take his family to Egypt

“Everyone in our family was enthusiastic about a trip to Egypt! Children often have a fascination with the region. They seem to go through a period of intense interest in dinosaurs and then turn to mummies and pyramids. Added to this is that they now study Egyptology in early school years. (So they know more than you do!)

With this in mind, we headed off ready to tackle Egypt’s long history and Cairo’s chaotic traffic. We launched into visits to the Cairo Museum, the Stepped Pyramid, the Giza Pyramids, Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings, etc. And while our kids appreciated these sights and stayed entertained for longer than I’d expected, what they really loved was the ride in a horse and cart in Aswan. Then there was the fun day in a felucca on the Nile, the kids especially enjoying it when they got to help steer the boat, and an exciting camel ride through the desert.

But ask them which was the best of all, and it was donkey riding! What is it about donkeys? Probably their size is more in scale for children. So these fun activities have become lasting memories for all of us, just as much as the amazing sights of Egypt.”

The whole family can tour Egypt with Intrepid on trips like this great family adventure:
Egypt Family Adventure – 12 days

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hey this is a very interesting article!'

I can agree with Geoff.
During that trip I think our children would have done all the travelling on the donkeys if they could!!!
Thanks to Ghandi for looking after them so well.
It was great fun Geoff.

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