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cooking in turkeyEating in Turkey is as much about social interaction as it is sustenance. In the late afternoon you will see cafes filled with cake lovers enjoying a sweet session of pogaca (buns), syrup-drenched lokma (fritters), or 40-layer baklava. It’s believed that food and drink sustain the body and the spirit, and as Intrepid’s Rachel Wasser discovered, dining with local friends is definitely an uplifting experience…

“On the Cairo to Istanbul trip, we had the opportunity to have dinner in a family’s home in Cappadocia. The whole evening was amazing. We sat on cushions on the floor in a stone cavern-type room. The kids were doing their homework, the wife was cooking and the husband was stoking the fire and serving the meal. We were able to sample some homemade wine and the meal that followed was incredible!

We started with a salad and moved on to the most delicious soup I have ever tasted. Our host continuously pulled hot bread out of the oven and kept our glasses full. The main course was perfect; although I was so full by this point that I couldn’t cram much more in!

After the main meal, during a wickedly sweet dessert, the family came out and put on some traditional music. The baby and father danced and played the spoons. We then were lucky enough to get a tour of the house – a huge old wooden structure complete with antique details that transported you back in time. The evening concluded with thank yous and heartfelt goodbyes. You could see the pride in our lovely hosts’ faces that they had fed us well, and for us it was one of those real life experiences and delicious feasts that we’ll never forget.”

If you’d love to enjoy a taste of Turkey at home, you can try making this delicious and surprisingly easy Turkish Delight recipe.

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* photo by Gill Brodie – Intrepid Photography Competition

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