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moroccan tajineCan you remember the first time you got a taste for travel and tucked in to an unrecognisable plate of food that turned out to be delicious? Intrepid’s Tina Gerets wasn’t sure how her younger brother would cope, but trying something new was all part of the adventure in Morocco

“I wondered how travelling with my teenage brother would turn out. I eat almost everything or am at least willing to give it a try, but he’s a bit of picky eater. Well, he loved the food! His favourite was tajine, a slow-cook stew that is widely available. Whether it was tajine of lamb or chicken or something else, it didn’t matter, when tajine was mentioned his face lit up.

He gave another thumbs up to the camel burger. It’s more a once-in-a-lifetime snack than an everyday meal, but I still found it a bit weird to ride a camel one minute and then eat his ‘friend’ the next.

At the guest house in Ait Benhaddou, our landlady taught us how to make couscous according to their traditional recipe. She showed our group the correct ingredients: turnip, carrot, spices, etc. and told us how long each phase of the cooking takes. The couscous that night was most delicious. Even before her demonstration I really liked couscous, but now I’m totally addicted!

When we arrived at the port town of Essaouira, we indulged in another aspect of Morocco’s diverse cuisine: freshly caught fish and seafood, grilled right before our eyes. We decided to give the mixed plate a go – wow, it was definitely a winner. We feasted on two big pieces of white fish, several large prawns and tender calamari. In the end, the tasty Moroccan food was one of the highlights of our trip!”

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* photo by Sabine Molter – Intrepid Photography Competition

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My wife and I are also doing the Colours of Morocco in near future.
Any do’s or don’ts would be greatly appreciated.
We are very excited, touched down in Tangiers 20 years ago and have always wanted to return for in depth look.

If you are going soon let’s connect and swap notes'

I was looking forward to “Colors of Morocco” in a month’s time, however after reading this article I can not wait to get to Morocco. This is my first trip to Morocco as well as my first trip with Intrepid and your article has inspired me to a different level. I am so looking forward to my trip !

Camel burger = undoubtedly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, partly because it was so fresh and tasted so great, but eating it in souks in Meknes after I saw the meat getting ground was just magic! I can’t wait to do my second Intrepid trip in Morocco next year and have another, as well as more tagines and mint tea!!'


I was on this trip with Tina and her brother and totally agree with what she has written. It was also a pleasure to have met them both.'

I have 12 days before I start my trip in Morocco…. after reading this I am looking forward to it with grant anticipation and excitement!!!

Thanks Tricia

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