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san francisco bridgeThere’s much more to culinary adventures in the United States than burgers, fries and Budweiser. Delve a little deeper into cities like San Francisco and just like Intrepid Express reader Renee Johnson, you’ll discover a unique flavour thanks to the wonderful cultural mix…

“You can almost feel San Francisco living around you. There is a subtle buzz and hum to everything that goes on there that reminds you that you are just a very small part of a huge and fantastic living entity. Rather than making you feel insignificant or unwanted in such a busy and imposing city, San Francisco seems to welcome you with open arms as if it is compelling you to bring your own bit of magic and become an important part of its life.

There are a number of things that I love about San Francisco. In fact, there is very little that I don’t love, including the tacky tourist traps. One of the most enjoyable things to do is to hop on a street car (clinging to the outside as it chugs up hills and picks up alarming speed on the way back down) and make your way by foot or bike to the Golden Gate.

Sure, thousands of people flock there to get a shot of the famous bridge, but you simply can’t beat making it across to the lookout on the other side for superb views of not only the bridge but also of San Francisco Bay and the surrounds. If you time it right, you may also get to watch the famous fog roll in.

I have always thought that San Francisco is more a bunch of distinct communities mashed together into a vibrant whole. Crossing from Little Italy to the Mission or from the Tenderloin to Haight Ashbury to the Castro is like crossing the border between small bordering European countries, all distinct yet all connected by shared experiences. Be it the wonderful and colourful street art influenced by generations of migration or thought provoking modern art undertaken by the cool and free spirited fashionistas; or the unbelievably tasty Spanish food served in small family-run cafes, to salt water taffy and mounds of chocolate in the tourist shops lining the Bay. San Francisco has something to offer absolutely everyone and I challenge anyone who goes not to leave a small part of their heart when they leave.”

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never had US as my destination in mind. However, will have to rethink!

Makes me want to get on a plane to San Fran right now!

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