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cesky krumlovLights, camera, action! Intrepid’s Jaclyn Lofts is always on the lookout for great movie locations, and this time her adventures took her behind the scenes in the Czech Republic

“I’m a real movie buff, I absolutely love them and wherever I may be travelling I try to attend film festivals, from Sarajevo to Sundance. I also love visiting film locations. It’s always a bit of a buzz when you are standing in the exact same place where George Clooney once stood.

Last summer I was in Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, a magical place that definitely belongs in the movies. With its fairytale castle and cobbled streets along side the tranquil Vltava river, it is the perfect setting for a medieval tale, but no, the movie they were shooting when I was there was Hostel 2 – a gruesome horror story. (I didnt put my hand up to be an extra in that one!)

Thankfully this extraordinarily picturesque town has been the setting for some more pleasant films, including The Adventures of Pinocchio and most recently The Illusionist.

The Bohemian capital, Prague – the city of a hundred spires – has also been the striking backdrop for many films such as Casino Royale, The Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible, Van Helsing and Beautician and the Beast (who can forget that one!)

And yes, the Czech Republic is home to two film festivals – the Prague and Kalovy Vary International Film Festivals – I’ll see you there!”

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* photo by Jacqueline Sevcik – Intrepid Photography Competition

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you didnt mention the 70s film operation daybreak a true story about the asassination of the
german reichs protecter rinehard heydrich by commandos trained in england.i thought it deserved a mention as none of these brave men was filmed in and around prauge.'

I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on Cesky Krumlov. We went there last year in June and ended up staying on for a week. Despite the fact that it is almost 100% tourist orientated it has all the charm of an undiscovered gem.
You didn’t mention the film “Armadaus”. It was done in Prague in the eighties, ie the communist era. All they had to do to make it as authentic as in Mozart’s time was to move the cars out. There were no TV antenna or Coca Cola signs then. They were the price of freedom.
If you ever get back there go to Olamoat in the north east of Czeck republic.

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