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Felucca sunrise in EgyptReal life experiences shouldn’t be rushed. Especially in Egypt, where you can take time out and experience life as an old-world explorer. Sailing down the Nile to the traditional tunes of the Nubian crew, Intrepid’s Sameh Tawfik loves watching Egyptian life glide by…

“JJ is waiting for us, smiling and laughing as always. He greets us like old friends and welcomes us on board our home for the next couple of days. I help the Nubian crew store our packs under the deck and give my group final instructions about travelling by felucca. We cast off, and with the wind in our sails we immediately feel part of another world, where villages and farms along the banks have gone unchanged for centuries.

I settle in my normal spot right by the bow and wait for the relaxation of being on the felucca to wash over me. I watch my group spread out and find their own space. They experiment with how to sit or lie on the padded deck. Some sleep, some read books, some write travel journals, but all quickly get into the routine of doing nothing except watching the banks slowly drift by as we zig-zag across the Nile.

The calm breeze generated by our movement cools me against the scorching heat of the midsummer sun and I daydream about swimming that evening as we moor for the night. I carefully lean over the side of the boat and feel the warm water, perfect for swimming. I close my eyes and relax, soon drifting into a peaceful sleep.”

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* photo by Sue Elliot

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