bucketing down in thailand

thailand raftingIntrepid has loved going with the flow in Thailand for twenty amazing years. Around every bend in the river there are more real life experiences to enjoy, even if they do take a turn for the wet, like Jennifer Mossman’s Thailand Hike, Bike and Raft adventure…

“We were expecting at least some of our group to get wet, because the bamboo rafts are a little wobbly and two people have to stand up to steer. What we didn’t anticipate was that the three-day water fights that take place in villages and cities to celebrate Songkran, Thai New Year, take place on rivers too!

As we were floating downriver trying not to fall in, we rounded a corner to see a crowd of people picnicking and ready to throw buckets of water over anyone who floated past. We got right into the spirit of the celebrations and carried on for about an hour down the river, all the way being squirted with water pistols and soaked by the bucketful. At the place where we were due to disembark there was another huge gathering of people all trying to drench us. So by the time we scrambled on to the bank we were wetter than we have ever been before, but you still couldn’t wash the smiles from our faces. It was more fun than anyone could have imagined and a rare experience to see how the locals celebrate their festival away from the regular tourist routes.”

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* photo by Heather Sills – Intrepid Photography Competition

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