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tat kuang si bear rescue centre laosWe are pleased to share some news with you from our friends at one of the most popular Intrepid Foundation supported projects of them all, the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre. Their Laos program managers, Jane and Jude write:

“We have had a busy few months with the completion of our fantastic bear nursery area and bear house refurbishment. Our five cubs, confiscated by the Laos government last year, are now happily settled in their new home packed with all kinds of fun enrichment items, such as a pool, twig boxes and lots of hammocks! These bears have had a lucky escape and would almost certainly have been sold to bile farms in neighbouring China or Vietnam had they not been rescued and brought here. These cubs bring the current number of bears rescued to 23, all of which keep us very busy and constantly expanding our facilities so that we can provide safe sanctuary for them.

Funds received through the Intrepid Foundation have really enabled us to expand our work in Laos and strengthen efforts to preserve bears for future generations. Intrepid funds have been used, amongst other things, to develop much needed environmental education and have supported projects such as the National Campaign for Wildlife. This was the first campaign of its kind for wildlife in Laos and was hugely successful in raising awareness about the plight of wildlife and how we can all protect it.

Funds have also been used to undertake wild bear research which is critical in Laos if we are going to help protect wild bear populations and understand more about their distribution and behaviour. We speak to Intrepid groups every week and know most of the group leaders well and feel our relationship with Intrepid is a very special one. We would once again like to thank Intrepid and Intrepid travellers for their contributions to the program which help us give bears a brighter future.”

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