Bright future for Berlin

Berlin Wall street art and bicycles

Many cities have reinvented themselves over the centuries, but few have had to rebuild as much as Berlin. With nearly four million residents from over 190 countries now living in its city centre, the largest city in Germany was a whole new experience for Intrepid Express reader Tori Salman…

“On my last visit, only a few short years after the reunification of Germany, Berlin was just one huge construction site. The Brandenburg Gate seemed like a dreary monument to reunification, set against a background of worksites. All these years later a stop in Berlin revealed a thoroughly refreshed and revitalised city. Now Berlin is almost too cool for school!

To me, Berlin has achieved a complete transformation. Our Intrepid guide led us around the various sites and monuments that are so significant to the city. We all stopped to snap photos at Checkpoint Charlie, wondered at the crumbling remains of the Berlin Wall, and learned about the Reichstag – once again the home of Parliament, with its great glass dome crowning the building and offering extraordinary views over Berlin.

But it was only once we reached the end of the main thoroughfare Unter den Linden that I was truly awestruck. Set as a backdrop to the ultra modern Pariser Platz, the Brandenburg Gate stood proudly in the twilight, glowing under the brilliant Berlin sky. The winged goddess of victory that stands atop the gate seemed to be reaching out as though she was proud of her city and all its achievements.

Berlin has been transformed, and instead of being surrounded by a tired, dilapidated city, we were in the midst of a vibrant, spirited city, with a lively music and art scene that was just calling out to be explored!”

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* photo by Kirsten Smedley – Intrepid Photography Competition

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yes, I agree very much I was there in 2008 and just loved the city my only sad ness was i did not spend enough time in Berlin we do plan another trip to berlin and may spend a few more days than what we did.

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