Brazil’s big city of fun

rio festival party-goers posing for a photo in brazil

Brazil is a country that inspires your sense of fun and adventure more than most. Its lively city of Rio de Janeiro is one big sensory overload, so Intrepid’s Angela Zuniga loved feeling, smelling and tasting her way around this fantastic town…

“Rio is a sensual city that demands as much time as possible to be fully experienced. From dawn to dusk and after dark, there is always something happening somewhere. I spent five fantastic days exploring the city and sating my sense of adventure.

I felt the wind sweep me into the clouds as a I took a running jump off Pedra Bonita hill, supported only by a hang glider. Soaring through the air I felt super human, yet slightly vulnerable. It took my breath away to be floating above the world, looking down from above. The experience came to a spectacular end as I circled over the ocean before coming into land on the sand.

I followed my nose towards the scent of salt water, sunscreen and fresh coconuts on the beach that skirts the city. At Ipanema the warm waters meet the white sand, making for the perfect place to spend a few relaxing hours. I joined the groups of friends and families chatting, lazing in the sun, playing ball games or just chilling out. In the shade of a beach umbrella that I rented very cheaply, I loved letting time slide by while I sipped refreshing coconut juice.

Later, I watched the spectacle of the crowd as they cheered for their beloved football team at Maracana stadium. I was absorbed by the passionate cries and hand gestures, the banners and flares, and the skilful moves on the pitch. I could not help but join in and be drawn into barracking for a team!

At sunset, I savoured a refreshing caipirinha by the beach. A delicious mix of lime juice, sugar and the local sugarcane brew, cachaca, served cold over a glass of ice. This was the perfect way to reflect on the day’s activities, people watch and warm up for a night out on the town.

My ears picked up the sound of Samba in a local club in Lapa. A live band and then the crowd started moving at around midnight. Their energy was contagious. I allowed my feet to be guided by the joyful singer’s voice and the beat of the drum. I loved everything about the rhythm of Rio, but instead of satisfying my sense of adventure, I think Brazil will keep me coming back for more!”

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* photo by Cheryl Hollebon – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Rio is my son’s favorite movie, ever. I’m planning to take him to Brazil on his birthday. He would surely jump for joy!'

Rio is one of my favourite cities! You should also have tried a great Steak and parmesan sandwich at a Leblon’s store called Big Polis! Fantastic! 🙂

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