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giant coke bottle salar de uyuni boliviaBolivia boasts surreal moon valley landscapes, whitewashed colonial buildings and a city that was once one of the richest in the world. So what did Ben Holland pick as his favourite real life experiences on his Explore Bolivia and Argentina trip?…

“Besides the dust and the bouts of altitude sickness, I have been lucky to have some great experiences and see some amazing landscapes. Here are my Bolivia Top 5:

1. Enjoyed my first llama steak but left the roasted guinea pig for another time.
2. Survived down hill mountain biking Bolivian style.
3. Added to my multi-skilling repertoire after taking a shoe shining lesson from street kids in Sucre as part of a community project.
4. Had issues with an overly large coke bottle and a few fellow travellers on the Uyuni Salt Lake (see illusion pictures attached)
5. Spent an hour submerged in a tiny natural hot spring at 4500 metres above sea level in the middle of the Andes Mountains. The only thing that took some of the shine off this experience was when our driver gave the call to get out! Going from +38 degrees Celsius water temp to a -8 air temp was not quite a much fun as getting in!

So Bolivia is done and dusted (literally dusted! It’s everywhere). Today I crossed the border into Argentina. Next stop Mendoza, the country’s wine and steak capital. Need I say more!”

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* photos by Ben Holland

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