Beneath the surface in Belize

rainforest galIf you are searching for a real adventure that takes you off the regular tourist trail, then join Intrepid’s Jill Petrella as she reveals that hidden beneath the forested hills of Belize are river caves with tales to tell…

“Many of the Mayan ruins of Central America are well-known and sites such as Palenque, Chichen Itza and Tikal can’t fail to impress with their size and grandeur.  However, not all the remnants of this civilisation are so easy to find.

From the small town of San Ignacio in Belize I enjoyed the day river-caving.  To enter the cave we had to swim across deep, cold, crystal clear water.  Then we spent the next two hours wading, swimming and climbing through the cave.  The water was fast-flowing so we had to hold on to each other in some sections to avoid being swept away.  The only light was from our head torches and the only sound was the gushing of water.

Our reward for battling up stream like salmon returning home to spawn was a steep climb to a dry cave area which the Mayans once used as a shelter.  It has only recently been discovered and is well protected.  Jugs, plates and other artifacts lie on the floor untouched since the Mayans abandoned their cave.  A complete skeleton of a young Mayan girl came with an elaborate story from our guide, but nobody really knows how or why she died. So this your chance to let your imagination run wild and make up your own Mayan mystery story to match your own enthralling adventures in Belize!”

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