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beijing acrobatsHow do they do it? Spinning an entire crockery set on a stick, trick cycling and balancing on flimsy ropes or tossing huge porcelain pots around like basketballs. Chinese acrobats always entertain with their amazing skills, but don’t feel too disheartened if they leave you questioning your own coordination, as they have been practicing since the 3rd century BC when it started with juggling daggers!

Intrepid’s Rachel Wasser loves joining her groups in China for a night of acrobatic entertainment and knows you’ll see nothing like it at home…

“A visit to the Beijing Acrobats is an experience that enhances any China tour. It’s a part of Chinese culture that you have heard about for years, or maybe even witnessed somewhere else, but viewing it from the audience in Beijing is something else entirely. Watching the kids balance on sticks in their mouths and spin discs on every limb is incredible. The climbing and jumping and spinning are all just dazzling!

Throughout the show you really get to see the varied skills that the performers possess. The contortionists are my favorite, bending their bodies into seemingly impossible positions and balancing things like chairs on their feet or heads. I also love the tumblers, strong guys who can run and jump and flip through rings placed at various heights. It’s these same performers who usually climb up ropes like monkeys and twirl and hang and do things you never thought possible! The grand finale for some of the shows is a big round cage where up to 5 motorcyclists race around each other at impossible speeds, zig-zagging around, barely avoiding a collision! It’s a loud and exhilarating finish to an incredibly entertaining evening!”

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