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cradle mountain tasmania australiaCasey Wallen has explored many regions in Australia, but until recently one state was still to be crossed off her list. At last she has made it to Tasmania and it turns out it was such a fantastic adventure that she’s already planned her next visit…

“We spent 2 days at Cradle Mountain in August (a winter month in Australia) because I wanted to see the iconic mountain dusted with snow. The National Park is ringed with many walking trails that traverse the peaks and valleys. Some of the trails are quite moderate in difficulty but some are very easy – such as the Dove Lake walk that circumnavigates the lake at the base of the Mountain. It is relatively flat the entire way around.

Dove Lake and another few small lakes, if you are lucky, turn the vista into a perfect mirror image. The weather up there is very changeable, so the clouds would roll in but then roll away quickly, leaving the rocky peaks visible. The landscape is of forested slopes, craggy hills and rocky expanses of low dense shrubs, so there is lots of variety at every turn. If you keep quiet and have a keen eye you can even see quolls and little wallabies – there are plenty around. We were not lucky enough to spot a Tassie Devil, but the friendly rangers told us that they do live in the Park.

Cradle Mountain is just one big must-see highlight of this little island and of course settling back in our lodge in front of the fire was a nice way to end the day.

Tasmania is often overlooked as a destination for Aussies and international tourists – but it is only a 50 minute flight from Melbourne and there are usually very attractive airfare deals. Don’t delay in making the trip, it’s a gorgeous part of the country that I’m certain will keep me coming back again and again!”

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* photo by Casey Wallen

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