an elephant you’ll never forget

masai mara lone elephant kenyaSeen one herd of elephant, think you’ve seem them all? Wrong! There’s no way you can ever tire of seeing these incredible creatures in the wild and getting up close to a bull elephant is still one of Sean Elliott’s most magical moments in Kenya

“From the very first game drive we were just blown away by it all. And that excitement didn’t let up until our last day in Kenya, when we topped it off with an amazing experience. Throughout the Intrepid trip we were lucky enough to come in close contact with giraffes, zebras, lions, warthogs (like pumba from The Lion King!), hyenas, rhino and hippos, but it’s the elephants that I’ll always remember.

We pulled over to watch a male elephant that was about 200 metres away. Our leader Moses told us that male elephants get kicked out of their family when they become boisterous young men and then spend the last 20 years or so living away from a herd. Anyway, it didn’t seem all that exciting because we had seen so many more elephants much closer, but Moses had a sixth sense for these things and insisted we watch.

The male elephant gradually got closer and ended up crossing right in front of our truck. Moses told us to sit still and not make a noise, as the elephant was looking straight at our truck while he walked only metres away. He then stopped and turned to face us and the next thing he stepped forward towards us, lifted up his trunk, flapped his ears furiously, spat at us and made a really loud trumpeting noise that send thrills and chills through us all!

Moses explained afterwards that he was threatened by our truck, because we were bigger then he, and he was giving us a warning to move on or else! It was the most amazing experience that we will never forget. It was also the topic of conversation around the campfire for the rest of the trip!”

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* photo by Chloe Joint – Intrepid Photography Competition

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