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route 66 gas station united statesRead a good book lately? Intrepid’s Jo Stewart picked up America Unchained: A Freewheeling Roadtrip In Search of Non-Corporate USA and quickly discovered that this author was taking a very different route…

“This quirky travel memoir documents the epic journey of British funny man Dave Gorman, who attempted to travel America from coast to coast without using the services of any food franchises, hotel chains or corporate-owned gas stations. That’s right, no drive-thru from Burger King, no pumping gas at a BP or bedding down at the Hilton. All food, accommodation and gas must be sourced from independently owned businesses – no excuses!

Driving past dozens of chain-hotels and burger franchises in his vintage station wagon, Dave soon discovers that this highly ambitious (read: hare-brained) project is a lot harder to execute than first thought! Delivering gut-bustingly funny quips and surprisingly insightful moments, it’s the characters he meets along the way that make this book so touching. As the journey unfolds, the reader is drawn into the personal stories of small business owners ground down by ‘The Man’ and passionate locals trying to preserve great American traditions in the face of corporate greed and the growing homogenisation of society.

This tender homage to rapidly vanishing small-town America will stir up some nostalgia and keep you entertained on long road trips. Serving as a reminder for the need to protect the things that makes America so unique, you’ll grow to love Dave’s naïve brand of optimism that propels him forward on this sometimes near-impossible journey.

So does Dave make it? Well, you’ll just have to read it and see. Whatever the outcome, I bet the next time you visit America you’ll want to support ‘the small guys’ more than ever. You won’t find a better excuse to eat apple pie at roadside truck stops or sleep in a hotel shaped like a giant dog!”

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