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grizzly bearAlaska is one of those wild frontiers that gets the superlatives flowing – with formidable mountains, impressive glaciers and magnificent national parks, it really is North America’s nature utopia.  Alaska is where the wild at heart come to watch the wildlife at play, as Express reader Sharon Eldridge discovered…

“When we arrived at Denali National Park we were told two things by the local bus driver – only 30% of visitors get to see a clear view of North America’s highest mountain and 20% of us will see bears.  But that didn’t dampen our spirits at all, because the surrounds were absolutely spectacular and we were excited to explore this amazing wilderness area.

As it turned out, luck was on our side that day.  As the warmth of dawn started to penetrate the morning mist, gradually the cloud lifted and there it was, majestic Mt McKinley in all its glory.  Then within moments of joining our National Park bus tour we spotted caribou and thanks to our guide were able to identify some of the many birds.  But the absolute highlight was seeing two grizzly cubs close to the road, while big mum kept a watchful eye near by.  The cubs seemed oblivious to our presence and were preoccupied with poking, pulling and rolling over each other. It was an absolute joy to witness these cheeky kids at play!”

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