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rajasthan women indiaIt’s hard to imagine a country that challenges the senses more than India. It’s a whirlwind adventure of mind, body and spirit and Briony Hearman loved embracing it all…

“During the 3 weeks of Rajasthan Adventure, I met some of the most friendly, curious and entertaining people that only India can provide. Every day there would be at least 10 somethings that would happen to make us double up laughing or simply blow our minds.

The food (the tandoori chicken in Jaipur), the chaos, the conversations, the bartering, the food, the shopping, the Hindi music blaring away in our taxis, the colour, the food, the cows, the camels, taking a deep breath on our final day in Delhi and actually loving the smell, the food and of course the chai (local tea) – the excuses to go back are too many to ignore!

The whole buzz of India creates a 24 hour adrenalin rush. As I took my seat for the plane ride home, it hit me just how hard it would be to come down from it.

India is a unique place which words cannot adequately express, though I could spend pages and pages trying. I had the time of my life over there because of this fantastic tour, with its fantastic group leader. So thank you! This would not have happened if Intrepid was just your average travel group.

I would give anything to jump back on a plane to Delhi. Instead, I must continue to take deep whiffs of my saffron whilst listening to my Bollywood CDs, to try and take me back in mind at least. Thanks to this amazing trip, I will return to India one day. After all… why not?”

Tour India with Intrepid on trips like this great small group adventure:
Rajasthan Adventure – 22 days

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* photo by Kristie Hough – Intrepid Photography Competition

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My first Intrepid Travel was in Thailand a Basix- when I was 55yrs young! like many intrepid travelers, words or pictures aren’t, enough to begin to describe how you are changed forever. I experienced who l ‘really am’
My last on was to Rajasthan oct 2015, I had been suffering severe depression for a long time, and the days were very hard. When I was 14 we travelled to Britain-by ship..as everyone did then, I remember one place in particular we docked – Bangladesh I think..this was a world away from what I had ever thought could exist-coming from Australia. This changed me forever, and all I dreamed of doing was to travel. Life passes by..and our dreams fade into a dark mist. But back to October 2015, during my severe depression and as a single person for some time, I felt my life fading, my dreams..but a sad dream, which made my condition worse. Some say in the worse times of our lives…the best can be reborn..so I ventured into my heart to find the dreams that had never happened…the reality was if I didn’t make it happen and push past this condition, nothing was going to change. So I booked my Intrepid Trip to India..still very anxious how I was going to cope.
Once again this adventure, had truly, changed my life, I now have my life back,, my real identity back . I had no expectations,..but never could I have imagined how amazing this trip was, our guide was 5*plus!! When my friends saw my back home, everyone said I look so different, that my whole face had changed, my personality has changed, everything in my life has now changed, and I am experienceing Joy, Optomism, Love for me, and others in a sincere way. This was the best thing I could have Ever done for ME. Yes so often the worst times can turn out something amazing. I’m now planning another Intrepid trip for this year, and I’m going to continue doing it as long as I can breath.. We are really the only ones that can change our lives, that’s the bottom line, and This Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal…so just go and live…

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