A taste of Costa Rica

toucan on a branch

Intrepid’s Costa Rica Express is a top trip to discover the country’s abundant wildlife, intense volcanic landscapes and superb beaches in a short space of time. But the tip for this trip is what not to pack, as Intrepid’s Jeremy Bookman explains…

“On our first trip to Costa Rica last year, my wife and I thought buying fresh fruit sounded like the perfect refresher for strolling through one of the many beautiful National Parks. Ordinarily I think it would have been, until we came upon an old bridge guarded over by a white-faced capuchin monkey. My wife reached for the camera, but before we knew it he was on the attack and reaching for our bag! Commotion ensued and I grabbed a branch to defend our food. The monkey made for the trees and so it seemed the ordeal was over.

While we were walking back we heard the rustling of branches up ahead. It was that same monkey tracking us from the canopy. He never got as close again but by the time we stopped for lunch, I opened the bag and the fruit had spoiled from the heat. So what did I learn? Either eat fruit fast in Costa Rica or just take fruit juice with you instead!”

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Costa Rica Express – 9 days

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