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time square nycWhen in America, do as the Romans do!  Sure, in New York you can find just about any international cuisine you choose, but there’s a dish that was instantly welcomed into the family when it migrated to the USA, and that slice of life just happens to be a favourite for Intrepid’s Jeremy Bookman…

“Forget the Big Apple – I prefer to call it the Big Slice.  I’m talking New Yoooook (as locals pronounce it) and this is about my love affair with pizza.

My personal fav list includes Johns in the converted church in midtown, Grimaldi’s sitting in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge and the reigning heavyweight champ, Lombardi’s in Little Italy, with the obligatory cannoli from Ferrara’s around the corner.

Now, it would take a lifetime to discover everything New York had to offer.  My tip for any would-be pizza pilgrims wanting to know if you’ve found the right spot is look at the walls.  Are there pictures of De Niro, Paccino or any other famous Italian actors and athletes hung up higher than the Pope?  Next thing, which language is coming from the kitchen?  And finally and most importantly, the taste.  If you found the holy grail of a good slice you’ll know it by the freshly made crust, mouth watering marinara and mesmerising mozzarella.

Now settled down in Colorado, I find myself still dreaming of the East while my waiter educates me on the Rocky Mountain Oyster – the culinary name for edible offal, or in other words, buffalo or bull testicles. Bull testicles?  Check please.  I think I’ll just stick to good old fashioned NY style pizza, thank you very much!”

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* photo by Guy Le Page, Intrepid Photography Competition.

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