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plan international help in east africaEver wondered if your small donation could really help the drought-affected people of East Africa? The situation might seem insurmountable, but after receiving this inspiring email from Intrepid Foundation donor Leonie Shanahan, we did the sums and you’d be surprised what a big difference you can make…

“I was travelling through New South Wales giving talks about my Edible School Gardens work and between towns I was trying to think what I could do to help East Africa. I find the whole situation so upsetting and it’s like no one really cares. Then it just occured to me – why not donate all the money from my book sales on that night to the Intrepid East Africa Drought Appeal.

So at the Newcastle meeting where I was speaking I told the permaculture group that for any books I sold that night, ALL the money would go to the appeal. That’s how my AU$240 donation came about. A very small token for what is a major humanitarian and environmental disaster over there and I hope to donate more later in the year. I have done a lot of travelling and loved third world countries the best. Now I realise it’s my time to give back to some very special people – we owe them so much.”

Now this is where it gets really encouraging. We let Leonie know the good news, that her AU$240 will equate to a AU$720 donation to the devastated communities of East Africa. How can that happen? Leonie’s original investment of $240 will be matched* by Intrepid Travel, therefore it becomes $480 for Plan International. The Australian Government has just announced they will also match all individual donations, so add another $240 and we have $720 to help the most vulnerable children and their families on the Horn of Africa!

So every dollar, pound or euro you can spare will make a difference and enable Plan International to provide life-saving aid and food relief to children and families in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan.

*Intrepid Travel will match your donation up to AU$20,000 and a maximum of AU$5,000 per individual donor.

Photo: © Plan International

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